Although Microgaming is the developer of the Internet betting software, it expands the scope of its activities. It has built a solid ground for cooperating with different social organizations and projects from pole to pole. The company provides monetary as surely as humanitarian assistance to over 13 charitable communities, situated in several world regions. Some of them are international foundations acting almost everywhere, where their help is needed. This article, like Katie’s blog about Microgaming, describes the primary branches of supplier’s social activity.

PlayItForward Development in Social Life

PlayItForward is an initiative founded in 2014 namely for dealing with social life. The community works like a representative from the Microgaming side in numerous events, feasts, and contests held on the territory of the Isle of Man and beyond.

The foundation now focuses on an energetic popularization of a healthy lifestyle by doing active sports such as football, basketball, jogging, cycling and so on. It does not serve just as a delegate, but really centers around these activities, taking part in them. A vivid example of this engagement is the Cavaliers basketball team which has been successfully performing in Manx championships every year since its creation.Microgaming Corporation Environmental Projects

One more area is charity and education. The institution throws a lifeline to anyone who needs financial, psychological, and medical support.

Sports Events and Competitions

PlayItForward’s goal is to make sports available to any person of any age or physical culture. Due to its initiatives, even people with disabilities can contest in the tournaments.

For instance, Microgaming established the Para-Swimming team and stood as its sponsor from its very inception in 2015. Then it consisted of three perspective and hard-working athletes. They think big and gear up for Paralympics 2020 in Tokio.

The software developer sponsors numerous cycling and jogging events. One of them is the IOMAA’s Winter Cross Country League, a running competition available for young track athletes and grown-ups. There are distances up to 10,000 meters to cover. The last award presentation took place on March 17, 2017. All the funds were raised directly to these sportsmen, who gave them encouragement for further victories.Environmental Projects of Microgaming Corporation

The provider collects finances also for golf, bowling, triathlon, and badminton clubs.

Last year, Nigel Quaye from Manx Tri Club obtained the Ironman Trophy at Ironman Copenhagen. And the year before, he showed a great result finishing in a time of 9:46:31.

Annual Marathons

These are yearly running competitions organized on the Northern side of the Isle of Man. Microgaming has been sponsoring them since 2013. There are two types of Marathon. The first one is a half one. Rivals cover 13.1 miles. The second one is a race of total 26.2 miles. Runners from across the globe wish to join this event, which is considered as a highly-appreciated contest in the UK, as well as in the world.

In 2016, Phil Martin and Samantha Amend were champions in the full category, finishing in 2:36:42 and 2:54:50 respectively. In the half one, Tim Kennedy and Hayley Ashby got the first place. Last year, 448 participants entered the course, 101 of them preferred to take part in full distance.Environment, Education, Health - Microgaming Donations

Karting, Rally, Cycling Contests

Microgaming supports motorsports too. The Soapbox is a karting event on a yearly basis. Contestants are free to design their vehicle as they wish. So, due to this feature, the performance is even more bright-colored and exciting. In previous years, the drivers showed the public just crazy fancy striped karts shaped in a weird way, even as double-decker buses.

Such a competition has been sponsoring since 2013 and stands as a benevolent one. In 2016, the participants collected over £2,000 for Hyperbaric Medical Facility. In 2015, the sum was even twice as much – £4,000.

Also, the PlayItForward initiative donates to cycling. The Lighthouses Challenge is an annual tourney that lies along the coastal line of the Isle of Man. The race is divided into three distances – 37 miles (short), 57 miles (medium) and 100 miles (the largest).

Last year 394 cyclists took part in this challenge. For 2013-2016 periods the drive contributed over £6,000 to local charities. Next time candidates will meet this July.

Rally was being supported from 2012 to 2014 as one of the most fascinating and interesting sports. It was set up back in 1963 and held 50 championships. The most experienced pilot was Mark Higgins who won 5 times.Microgaming Corporation with Environmental Programs

Educational Campaigns

PlayItForward never forgets about the growing generation. The company believes youth is the future. That is why it started projects for students. The Microgaming Bursary is such an initiative. Its aim is to sponsor smart, outstanding young people, helping them to complete their studies. Nowadays, seven undergrads from six universities receive a scholarship of £6,000 per annum for 1-3 years.

The amount includes daily expenses, living essentials, and dwelling. Scholars who want to get the grand should pass the entrance exams at a high level. In addition, they have to be registered at the DEC. For further information, they can visit the Isle of Man government website and have a look at the application document.

Eco Warriors Fight for Environment

Eco warriors are a volunteer team. Passionate tree-huggers struggle against contamination of our planet. They started with small steps, so, their first mission was to reduce the use of plastic bottle at MGS House. The staff began using filtered taps and sparkling water dispensers. Microgaming hopes the initiative will grow as an organization in the future.

Projects and Awards from Microgaming

Recently, Microgaming has started sponsoring different kinds of awards including sports.

For instance, in 2013 the Isle of Man Ambassador prize was given to Peter Kennaugh who is an Olympic gold medalist. This present belongs to the Newspapers Awards of Excellence.

If to speak about projects, PlayItForward supports several of them. In particular, the team took part in arranging the Century of Song charitable drive. All the money collected during this feast went to several philanthropies, including Anthony Nolan. The foundation struggles against blood cancer. £3,000 was donated to it.

Another step was to help ManxSPCA. The fund is interested in adoption of homeless pets and protection of animals in general. Volunteers from the community devoted 20 days to set up the memorial Forget-Me-Not Garden for cats, dogs, etc.Microgaming Corporation Projects - Health, Environment, And Education

Gift of Giving – Charity Program

The Gift of Giving campaign is a yearly-based charitable initiative that originates in 2013.

In 2016, the event concerned four philanthropies across the world:

  • The Teenage Cancer Trust based in the UK and Europe;
  • The Women’s Refuge on the Isle of Man;
  • Save the Rhino, which concentrates its efforts on protecting endangered species in Asia and Africa;
  • Médecins Sans Frontières, which gives humanitarian and medical aid to people affected by wars and natural hazards on a global basis.

In 2016, these organizations received £30,000. The total donation nowadays is £120,000.

Volunteering Contributions

Microgaming has reliable allies – hard-working volunteers who are always ready to help the company in doing good! Any event that has been ever powered by the developer is set up with the aid of a very devoted team of culture ambassadors. Activists donate their time to numerous projects and foundations assisting anybody in need of care and protection.

Their purposes are also cultivating the community, generating new initiatives, and vectoring its development.

Donations to Healthy Generation

Our health is perhaps the most valuable thing at all times. That is why Microgaming established the Health and Care Trust. The initiative is aimed at helping sick people. It focuses on the development of medicine on the island. Currently, the community has contributed approximately £800,000 for different philanthropies. The organization supplies hospitals and clinics with the newest equipment and arranges blood drives.

Environmental Campaigns of Microgaming Corporation

Blood Drive

Microgaming staff has donated blood to Noble’s Hospital. 28 employees joined in a move, contributing 28 pints accompanied by £700. The funds were raised for the Alzheimer Society. The foundation conducts research of old-timer’s disease.

Breast Cancer Support

Microgaming has contributed over £16,000 for the Breast Coil. High-quality MRI scans would be impossible without this equipment. This technology was purchased for Noble’s Hospital.

PlayItForward knows how important the ability of such a tomography. A further cure depends mostly on well-timed diagnostics.

Help to Local Hospitals

The Health and Care Trust provides significant support to local hospitals, supplying them with modern defibrillators. This equipment is vital and should be in every emergency. During cardiac arrest, nine times of ten this facility saves the lives of patients. But if to delay even a minute, it will be too late.

Presently, AEDs have been installed in more than 20 places across the Island.Microgaming And Energy Companies Impacts

Microgaming And Energy Sector Economic Impacts on the Isle of Man

The situation in e-gaming business shows a stable growth of the industry. Currently, it generates about 19% of GDP on the territory of Mann.

Microgaming broadens its impact on the economy of the island as well. The company plans to build a new office. Therefore, HR managers are seeking for new staff. Besides, they have visited high educational institutions, including the University College Isle of Man, and arranged Graduate Open Afternoons. So, they consider postgraduates.

The Department of Economic Development also sees its objective in regulating energy issues of the region. It increases the number of workplaces by financing, improving and supporting the power sector.

The DED intends to enlarge the amount of sustainable and renewable energy sources and attract e-businesses in this sector. Moreover, it is concerned with the reduction of environmental pollution. It is highly interested in the distribution of consumption control technologies, such as smart-home devices. And if the software provider finds this opportunity interesting, perhaps it will focus its activity on the production of such gadgets in the foreseeable future.