Microgaming casino has built a solid foundation of Internet betting and earned a distinguished reputation among gamers. However, the provider looks beyond gaming. Now it actively develops other directions, namely charity. It supports various activities all over the globe. Here’re some of them:
Philanthropic Aims of Microgaming to Protect Environment and Health

  • Colour Me Rainbow is a project that aims to sponsor the Hospice Isle of Man. The institution renders assistance to patients with terminal illnesses. The funds are spent on specialized medical supplies for sufferers and the wants of their families.
  • The KPMG Promenade Relay is a yearly event supported by PlayItForward. It goes in the form of jogging competition. Such a sponsorship helps to conduct medical research. For instance, it seriously helped Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research in 2015. The community also made a serious contribution to the work of the Alzheimer’s Society Isle of Man.
  • Sponsors also cooperate with the International Red Cross Movement.

Annual Gift of Giving

This is a yearly help to various charities on a global basis. Each December Microgaming organizes voting among customers, giving them an opportunity to select one of the philanthropies in their region. Last year these organizations received £30,000. The sum was distributed equally among four foundations that got the most votes. For the moment, the total donation has reached 120 thousand pounds in 13 different spheres.

Women’s Refuge

It is an organization that concentrates its activity on solving the problem of domestic violence. The community helps women and children to avoid any kind of abusing and insulting by giving them information about the legal aspect of how to defend themselves. It gives the victims a transient dwelling for some period of time. It has been successfully supporting the affected people for 20 years.

Last year Microgaming donated £7,500 for this philanthropy.

Teenage Cancer Trust

The Teenage Cancer Trust is founded in 1990 specializing in the cancer treatment among young people aged 13-24 years old. It provides key services in the UK hospitals. Observation wards are equipped with modern medical facilities, as well as computers with game consoles to make the patients’ life happier. Through the Gift of Giving activity, Microgaming donated £7,500 to the community as a Christmas present.

Save the Rhino – Environmental Project

Microgaming also helps environmental organizations to manage their goals. As they are non-profit communities, they especially need sponsors.
Microgaming Aimed to Protect Environment and HealthThe purpose of Save the Rhino is to look out for endangered rhinoceros species in Africa and Asia. They try to increase the population of these beautiful animals and expand their natural habitats. Its volunteers are engaged in veterinary work in the target areas. The institution actively cooperates with non-governmental institutions, local administrations, struggling with poaching.

The gaming company had contributed £15,000 to this initiative in the past two years.

Médecins Sans Frontières

It is a non-governmental international charitable organization. The main goal is to serve medical and monetary aid to the people of different combat areas of the world. Many of its staff (over 36 employees) are volunteers in the community. The institution is also focused on struggling with endemic diseases and natural calamities in poor regions.
The Major Gifts Manager of the philanthropy is very pleased to receive the present of £7,500 from Microgaming.

Microgaming Sports Raises Money for Charity

In 2014 Microgaming set up PlayItForward community as a body that provides support, popularization, and protection of sports. It organizes competitions in cycling, jogging, swimming, etc. The core goal of such events is to help different foundations on the Isle of Man.

Shoprite Cycle for Life

It is an annual movement, which was first established in 1992 by Shoprite and the Manx Road Club. The contest is a popular cycling relay available for both adults and children. Hundreds of competitors take part in races. All the funds collected during the relay go to charities. Microgaming sponsors awards for the fastest cyclists.

Karting and Golf

Microgaming participated in the Black Grace Cowley Karting Challenge in 2016. The team from the company joined the contest in karting that involved organizations, groups, and communities on the Isle of Man. They showed an excellent result, finishing second.
Microgaming Donates to Environment and Health
Another great event organized by PlayItForward was the Charity Golf Day. 18 teams of the Castletown Golf Club participated in the feast. All money raised from the festivals was donated to philanthropy.

Blood Drive and Baking Sales

Microgaming staff donates blood, taking part in the Blood Drive. The first time 28 workers were involved, having delivered 28 pints for charity. The second year they contributed 19 pints, each of which matched with £25, so they collected £1,175 for two events.

Collecting funds for different projects is hardly unique for the developer.

So, they participated in Bake Sales. Originally this campaign was organized by Leah Crowe, a student from the Edge Hill University. She baked delicious cakes, sold them to raise funds for a building of a school. PlayItForward staff joined this drive and also baked tasty cookies and tarts.