Mission Statement

Composite Technology Corporation is committed to: providing the highest quality products possible for the power generation and transmission industry through our highly skilled and dedicated employees and state-of-the-art patented products and manufacturing processes; pursuing an aggressive research and development program to ensure we remain as the leader in composite core technologies for utility applications; providing the highest standards of service and support available through our highly trained, domestic and international field representatives and customer service personnel; acting with integrity in all affairs, and to supporting our community; and providing the best value possible to our customers and shareholders.

Core Values

Our core values are Commitment, Integrity, Quality, Innovation, and Productivity and they mean the following to us:

Commitment– We are committed to:

  • Our team at Composite Technology Corporation
  • The products we produce
  • The customers we serve
  • The suppliers who serve us

Integrity – We respect ourselves and others:

  • We conduct our business in a forthright and ethical manner
  • We communicate openly
  • We do not misrepresent ourselves or our products
  • We can be counted on to keep confidences and admit our mistakes

Quality – Quality of our products and service is paramount:

  • We only ship the highest quality products
  • We fully test and certify all of our products
  • We maintain ISO 9001:2000 certification for our manufacturing facilities
  • Quality concepts are ingrained in every department and operation

Innovation – We constantly look for new ways to improve technology, products, processes, systems and people:

  • We pursue our work with energy, and a drive to win
  • We encourage people to look for creative ways to benefit the business
  • We monitor how our customers use our products and we develop new products and methods to better serve their needs

Productivity – We are productive, efficient and effective in planning and executing our work:

  • We consistently raise the bar to increasingly higher levels of productivity and performance
  • We seek to outperform other companies with our ability to execute
  • We believe our efficiency and productivity are critical tools to keep to address product costs and allow us to provide value for our customers