Online Privacy Statement
The purpose of this Online Privacy Statement is to make you aware of how we collect and use individual identifying information of visitors to our Web site. If you feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy, email us at

Information Collection and Use

We collect the following personally identifiable information about our users: name, email address, telephone number, business address, preferred means of communication and other information voluntarily provided. Information of this kind is typically provided when users register for online services or participate in surveys.

We may collect information about users for tracking purposes—web pages accessed, domain name traffic patterns, and site usage. Doing so enables us to provide better services, products, and opportunities to users. We also use personally identifiable information to contact people for marketing, sales, and technical support purposes.


Some of our Web pages may require a login and password. The use of these web pages and the information or files downloadable from our site may be governed by a written agreement between your employer and CTC. Your individual identifying information may be retained by CTC to verify compliance with the agreement, or track files downloaded from those pages.

Use of Cookies

How do cookies work? When you visit our site, our server may attach a small text file, called a cookie, to your hard drive. This file is unique. It tells us whenever you re-enter our site, and it reminds us what your preferences are. Cookies help us deliver a better user experience as you navigate through our web site.

If you prefer not to accept any cookies, you can simply disable this function within your browser. In Internet Explorer, you can do this under Internet Options. In Netscape Navigator, go to Internet Preferences. Keep in mind, however, that disabling your browser can affect online subscriptions that you might already have.


CTC is committed to taking reasonable steps to protect the personally identifiable information that you provide to us. We use security measures, such as firewalls, to safeguard your confidentiality of information. Information we collect is stored on secured servers; however, perfect security does not exist.

Disclosure Required by Law

We cooperate with law enforcement agencies in identifying illegal activities. Therefore, we respond to subpoenas, warrants, or other court orders regarding information concerning any users. We will, at our discretion, disclose such information if we believe that we are required to do so by law or that such disclosure is necessary to protect us from legal liability.