We know the Microgaming company as the top developer of gambling products. Its team works hard to deliver the best playing solutions to its clients and users. However, have you ever imagined that this company is involved not only in the casino business? That it maintains different charitable establishments?
The Aid of Technological Facilities from Microgaming Health & Care Trust
Well, it’s difficult to put up with it, but the provider indeed accepts applications. It means that any institution seeking for help can turn to it. Such appeals are handled by the Health & Care Trust.

Trustee and Treasurer

The organization was created in 2002 as the Hospital Trust. In 2009, however, the name was changed. It supports Manx-registered charities, Noble’s Hospital and care institutions across the island. The main staff consists of 6 people.

Five of them are trustees who are responsible for running the foundation. They control and consider all incoming applications. Also, there’s one treasurer, who manages the budget, all expenditures, and prepares financial statements. For today, Microgaming has donated almost 1 million pounds.

Health & Care Trust Projects

The trust actively invests in numerous projects of the utmost importance. It supports advanced researches related to surgery, disabled people and breast cancer. These are the main organizations that we will review. Yet, the company’s activity hasn’t ended with these programs only. It also maintains other directions connected with health care.
Microgaming Health & Care Trust Helps Charities with Modern Technology

Technology for Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is a fast developing branch of advanced healthcare techniques. The recent donation of 7,500 pounds to Noble’s Hospital Medical Education and Clinical Skills Center has been used for extending already available facilities.

This money should provide the purchase of two training units. They will help doctors to exercise necessary skills to conduct minimally invasive operations. This method reduces the recovery time, and patients are less afraid of him.

20 AEDs Installed

For today, the standard of living of many people has been rapidly declining. Thus, heart attacks and cardiac arrests occur more frequently. A defibrillator is the only thing that can restore heartthrob. Thanks to the gambling provider, over 15 institutions have got automated external defibrillators or the AEDs.

It’s easy to apply, but the workers should organize classes on a basic life support. Furthermore, Wyn Kewley and her team helped to teach at least 2 members within each foundation to utilize the equipment. They have also described how to perform the cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Technological Projects of Health & Care Trust from Microgaming

Bike 4 Life Charity

Riding a bike is among the healthiest activities. Thereby, the MSR initiative launched in 2015 must attract many citizens. Any person of any age and abilities can join and improve his/her physical state. Manx has wheels for everyone, including disabled people and amputees.

Pay only 2 pounds and ride as much as you wish. The Health and Care Trust is also a sponsor of some cycles. It has contributed £7,000 that is definitely worth of praise. The chairman also added that he believed that such sessions would be very successful.

Manx Carriage Driving 4 Disabled

Manx residents must be thrilled with an opportunity to ride a horse without leaving a wheelchair. The local charity is grateful for a generous donation from the company that is 6,000 pounds. The demand for such a leisure has been growing and volunteers could purchase the second carriage.

Currently, 15 children and 30 adults have been using this service and their number is on the rise. The purpose of the program is to develop a confidence of the disabled and provide a chance to make friends. The community hopes to enlarge its membership.

Breast Cancer Support Group

Technological Aid from Microgaming Health & Care Trust
The availability of the equipment for detecting breast cancer is no less important for the Isle of Man’s population. Earlier, women should go to Liverpool, but now, needed MRI procedures can be performed on the island. Due to the Microgaming’s active involvement, the charity could afford to buy the Breast Coil.

It’s a special item that ensures a magnetic scanning. Thus, females with a strong family risk will be able to identify the illness while it’s still possible to be treated. The trust has spent over 1,5 million pounds total on this initiative.

Other Programs from Microgaming

Aside from the previous projects, the gaming developer supports other local charities that improve lives of their visitors. Eight more initiatives as Him Upstairs, Powerchair Football, University of the Third Age and others have received important donations.

For instance, IOM Sport Aid Ultra Sound Machine is a program being held by Dr. Frank Vaughan who treats sports injuries. Such equipment aids to identify their reasons and perform advanced analysis. VeinViewer is another tool that shows children’s veins and is used to carry out more accurate procedures.