Online casino Microgaming software provider is oriented not only on online betting but also on several other aspects of social life. The supplier sponsors many projects connected with health care, education, and charity. It also develops and promotes sports. Recently in 2014, the developer launched PlayItForward. This company arranges PR and commercial campaigns for different activities, helping athletes to build a career.

Sponsorship Events Aimed at Raising Environmental Awareness

Microgaming PlayItForward sponsors over eight directions, from jogging and basketball competitions to establishing numerous sports sections for students.
Microgaming Sports Events for Healthy Environment

IOMAA Winter Cross Country League

Jogging is a fast way to keep fit. When we jog, our heart and lungs undergo a very useful training. Our cardiac muscle becomes stronger, our lungs volume becomes larger, and the overall health becomes greater.

Microgaming tries to step up the physical well-being of the population and popularize a healthy way of life by sponsoring the IOMAA Winter Cross Country League. The provider has started supporting the competition since 2012.

The Isle of Man Athletics Association organizes the marathons at various distances up to 10 kilometers. Everyone can become a competitor. There are tourneys even among kids. At the close of the tournament, the prizewinners take their trophies and medals.

Cavaliers Basketball Team

Microgaming Competitions and Environmental Care
Microgaming started financing the team in 2007. And there is a wonderful coincidence – Cavaliers had won the Manx Basketball League every time since 2007. Actually, now they are gearing up for the summer competition.

Microgaming Swimming Competitions

The Isle of Man Swimming Association promotes many competitions and the most significant and prominent is the Microgaming Summer Sprint Swimming Gala. The age groups for competitors are from 9 to 16+ years old. Thus, it is a major sports event which opens great perspectives for sportsmen-beginners and more advanced athletes. PlayItForward has been successfully supporting the Association since 2009. The community also helps the Isle of Man Para Swimming Team to develop and participate in tourneys.

Marown Badminton Club

The Marown Badminton Club, founded in 1975, had an original name “Boundary Harries”, and was later renamed. It is a member of the Isle of Man Badminton Association, which was established in 1935. It governs the national league which consists of local clubs. Competitors play in sports centers, schools and church halls. Microgaming started supporting the community in 2012. It helps to buy new equipment, rent buildings. The software provider also helps with coaching.

Initially, the squad consisted of 30 members, and the youngest was 11 years old. The players trained twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, namely in the evening and at night. Since their foundation, they showed quite good results, and in 2012 they took the second place in Ladies’, Men’s and Mixed leagues.
Microgaming Sports Raise Environmental Awareness

Castletown Ladies’ Summer Shield

PlayItForward also focuses on such an interesting and exciting game of bowling. The community sponsors women bowling team Castletown Ladies’ Summer Shield for eight years, giving them an opportunity to unite and participate in local competitions.

Ramsey Youth Centre and Old Boys Football Club

Microgaming also enjoys football. It provides support to one of the most time-honored football teams on the Isle of Man. The Ramsey Youth Centre and Old Boys has been being sponsored by gaming provider for over 12 years, since 2005.

The RYCOB has 90 players. Most of them are youngsters. About 60 members are under 16 years old.

The head coach says that Microgaming makes a big contribution to the team development. The sponsor helps with equipment and builds a clubhouse. Everything is focused on creating an enabling environment for improving athletes’ skills and enjoying the games. As a result, they have beaten Douglas Royal 3-1 during the Canada Life Premier League 2017.

Lighthouses Challenge

The Lighthouses Challenges are a ride across the Isle of Man coastline. It’s a perfect chance for all the bikers to try their hand. The competition is held every July for 6 years now. This July will be the seventh edition of the Challenges. Three distances are available. The first one is the longest – 103 miles, the second one is a half of the previous – 57 miles, and the last one is the shortest – 37 miles. Annually, over 360 participants take part in the race. For instance, last year 394 members entered.

Microgaming Encourages Health by Doing SportsAnnually, over 360 participants take part in the race. For instance, last year 394 members entered.

Community Games in Secondary School

Adding more physical activities to the education process is a refreshing idea. Thus, the community games for secondary students started in 2016. The important thing is that the provider takes into account students’ preferences for peculiar performances. The extended list of activities includes basketball, badminton, girls’ football, netball, judo, swimming, rugby, and snooker, golf. This year the company intends to add rifle shooting, hockey, blows, and squash.

Students have a unique opportunity to get involved in different sports where trainers focus more on entertaining and relaxing aspects, but not on results and beating the records.