This powerful platform expands its functions from the mere casino entertainment. It goes beyond gambling on Microgaming sites and other similar areas. Nowadays, the company is involved in many other activities. Some of them refer to organizing sports events.

Moreover, such tournaments are really popular and bring lots of fun to others. They target mainly rally and racing on karts (without engineer). The latter represents machines of different forms and power. The contestants usually perform incredible tricks at a high speed, compete for the first place and get followers of their hobbies. Furthermore, the winner gets a prize in the end. The income from these competitions goes for charity purposes.Microgaming Tourneys between Technical Karts

Microgaming Rally

It’s been more than 5 years as the provider of online casino games started to be the main sponsor of a rally with 4-wheeled cars. However, the tourney commenced in the 1970s and it still carries on at a great level.

Nowadays, they have drivers from many countries. The match takes place in the Isle of Man each year around September. The rules were changed a little later. Nonetheless, it continues to operate within 3 whole days with a marvelous show and amazing feelings. The registration for 2017 is open! Extreme adventures are waiting for you!

Soap Box Race

Enthusiasts from this island three times already could enjoy the participation in the unusual racing by Microgaming. The last contest happened on the 6th of September and consisted of 29 motivated competitors. In 2016 this number was 41.

Competitions in Speed And Technology from MicrogamingThe organizers occupy 3-4 big roads for a day and ensure the security. The signing up process in the event costs from 50 to 100 British pounds, depending on the nature of the individual (corporation or a natural person). However, visitors may watch it all for free and make some photos/videos.

Vehicles Technology

There are no strict standards or a typical sample of the machine. People try to use their creativity and to make a car of the dream. The tournament involves karts of different shapes, colors, sizes, compatibility (1-2 passengers), a number of wheels, etc.

Most of them are homemade with extraordinary drawings, additional personalized elements, and modern improvements. Officially, the highest speed for these 3 years is 30 mph. To clarify, there is no engineer at all, they use only gravity. It is extremely fast taking into account the absence of real safety measures in their models.

The Champions of the Competition

The game needs a winner. Indeed, there are top 5 teams each year who can claim prizes. However, only the best time can get the most. During previous contests, team “Bonnag” and “Why Not Kirst” got the highest ranks. There is no real money or anything in a form of cash.

But, the participants can gain a membership in different organizations to improve their skills. They also can obtain discounts for groceries, some special deals in restaurants. It is reasonable as the main purpose of these activities is to focus on more important issues.Microgaming with Vehicle Technology Competition


Certainly, the aim of the kart racing is charity. The management group made a deal with the Hyperbaric hospital, it sends all the income to this place in order to provide a therapy in a due time for those who really need it.

Each year, the sum is around £3,000. Overall, they managed to receive around £10,000. This is definitely a great initiative from Microgaming as it helps to save lives of thousands. Additionally, it creates a good atmosphere in the island allowing children to spend a grateful day watching such a show.