The Microgaming software provider is an active participant in many modern competitions. However, they take part as an organizer and manager. The team respectively works in different areas: sports contests (rallies, kart racing, marathons), online entertainments, the research development, commercial deals, etc. In the vast majority, there are many other sponsors, which increase the importance of such events.

The Isle of Man Newspapers’ Awards

This is a community prize, which was established in 2005. They try to show the most important actors in everyday life of the island. It motivates everyone as such a reward shows the significance of their activities. This number constitutes 300 entities by now.

Microgaming has been a part of this action since the beginning. Interestingly, it not only provides the support. Additionally, the firm is frequently a candidate to get a yearly trophy, and it has succeeded few times.Achievements of Microgaming Industrial Spheres in the Isle of Man

For Excellence in the Use of Technology

As a separate division of the above-mentioned occurrence, there is one medal for the scientific development. Microgaming was one of the creators of this grant. Everyone easily can find a form to fill in and apply for it. There is no restriction regarding the size, functions, location of the company.

The aim is to show the value of the technology implications in the performances of the organization, how it was achieved and how it helps to facilitate the working process. In 2016, Triumph Actuation Systems acquired this award for their great modern activities.

For Lifetime Achievement & Ambassador

The leader in the gaming industry had an opportunity to congrats and to finance the best in other fields. It made a great contribution in the year 2012. It allowed nominating cyclist Dot Tilbury in a category Lifetime Achievement for grassroots cycling.

Last year, Dursley Stott got it for his outstanding accomplishments in the Commonwealth Games. Moreover, The Ambassador went to Peter Kennaugh, who was actually also a cyclist. Indeed, as that guy once acquired a gold medal of the Olympic Games. The multi-sport event was lucky to get this prize in 2016 for motorcycle racing.

For Effective Marketing & PR

Microgaming played the inevitable role concerning that award. It always goes to the most prominent example of organizational skills and division of functions. In 2013 Golf Tours showed their abilities to manage many events, facilitate access to this great sport for many people.Microgaming Awards in Social and Industrial Areas in the Isle of Man

For Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a sponsor does not automatically exclude a company from being a potential holder of the trophy. Indeed, the software provider won in this nomination, provided by Baker Tilly, three times: in 2012, 2014 and 2015 years respectively.

The definitive reason is the role in the island’s life. Certainly, the creator of online amusements overall donates around 700,000 GBP since 2002. Even more, they give scholarship for local students, created a football club for the community and established dozens of charity programs.

Sport’s Reward – Administrator of the Year

The promotion of active life is one of the numerous goals of the entity. For this reason, the team helped many individual sportsmen regarding their initiatives.

Accordingly, Anna Christian, Mark Cavendish, Zoe Gillings and many others got financial aid as a support for their professional achievements. In 2013, the award went to the Pip Cross for the development of netball. In 2016 – to Tony Mepham for his footfall efforts.

Microgaming’s Sponsorship Progress

Using its famous trust, called Health and Care, the firm made incredible donations in different areas. Only in 2016, they sent £7,500 to Nobel’s hospital, £5,000 to Sophie Birtles, awarded unbelievable £90,000 as a gift card plus £5,000 to the trust of Welsh Princess. Additionally, they raised around £6,000 for the MS Society through the Golf Day, £150 on the Culture Awareness Day and £2,270 for Hyperbaric IOM.
Microgaming’s Sponsorship of Awards in Industial and Social Life on the Isle of Man

The Latest Accomplishments

As the gambling developer is working in different areas, the management tries to finance such fields as sport, education, charity, community and health. They organized a donation of blood, baking contests with selling, street games.

Afterwards, they supported the Red Cross, agriculture companies, etc. The corporation initiated a morning coffee experiment, which gained around £500. Moreover, Microgaming created a giant amount of events, such as biking, wellness week, triathlon and marathon competitions, promenade relay, karts, rally and many others. According to the words of the CEO, the group wants to continue and create more for the society.