The internet gaming software provider takes care of growing generations, doing all possible to make their life better, and encourage them to flourish as the leaders of their time.

The CEO of Microgaming believes that the youth of the Isle of Man is the future; therefore the company gives them means to fulfill their potential and become professionals.

Microgaming Bursary

The Microgaming Bursary was first introduced in 2014. The initiative’s intention is to assist undergrads, who cannot continue their studies at the university because of financial troubles, despite significant achievements. The Department of Education and Children (DEC) manages the scholarship.

There are certain criteria for students receiving grants. They are required to pass the entrance examinations greatly. The software provider pays for accommodation and expenses of necessities. The sum is approximately £6,000 per year.Microgaming Supports Education of Healthy Youth

Universities and Periods

Currently, seven brightest students from different institutions receive the Microgaming Bursary. Now, the company cooperates with six higher educational establishments. These are the Edge Hill University, the Lancaster University, the University of Nottingham, Kent, Leeds, and Liverpool. The undergraduates get the scholarship for some time (from 1 to 3 years).

Applying for a Scholarship

To use such a favourable opportunity to change life for the better, students should register for the application. They should meet DEC requirements for a scholarship. First of all, these learners have to be under DEC protection and get its maintenance grant. Secondly, they should have the secured place in a certain undergraduate course.

Application Form

The application form can be downloaded on the official Isle of Man Government internet site.

Students should present personal data, such as telephone number, postal code, full name and address, the school where they studied. Then they should give info about exam results. The minimum level is A.

Then you may fill the data about what degree course you wish to complete. There are also fields about accommodation costs, approximate expenses of living per month.Microgaming Educational Projects of Healthy Generation

The next line is about your income (if you have such) and your parents’ earnings, and how many pounds they contribute or ready to do so for your studying.

The next step is to explain your personal intentions. First, the matter of why you wish to enter university. Whether you just want to obtain a higher education and apply for a perspective job, travel from pole to pole or become a famous scientist, and invent something incredible. Do not be shy to share your thoughts and describe everything in details. The last thing is to write down why you need this award.

You may upload the filled document before August 20-21.

Agreement Points

To complete the application, you have to sign your name under several agreement points.

Microgaming just wants to make certain that you are a reasonable and responsible person.

Thus, to qualify for a scholarship, you should:

  • show a high attendance at classes;
  • provide a document with grades at the turn of the year;
  • post your experience, progress, and knowledge enrichment in a blog;
  • inform the company about job opportunities during the summer holidays;
  • do your best and study hard;
  • visit a pre-arranged catch-up at the community offices.Educational Programs from Microgaming for Healthy Generation

Open Days in Colleges

Experts from Microgaming attend open days in educational institutions. For example, last year they visited the University College Isle of Man. The representatives arranged HR campaigns among promising students, giving them an opportunity to launch a career at the company.