PlayItForward was founded quite recently, in 2014. Microgaming review describes the community as a serious project that offers its help at the global level. It supports various charities in different regions of the world, directly on the Isle of Man, in Europe and the UK, Africa and other places.

The company’s activity never stops and covers more and more spheres of our life. You can visit its official website, go to the news section and find out the latest performances and projects.

Community-Driven Social Areas

The community focuses on a vast number of areas. These are sports competitions arranged on the territory of the Isle of Man, charitable projects. PlayItForward also established education programs aimed at supporting students of different social classes. The company regularly makes the contribution to the health care institutions. Moreover, the foundation’s staff is engaged in civic activism, organizing numerous events and setting a warm and friendly atmosphere all around.

Sport Events

With the help of PlayItForward, the Microgaming provider gives financial assistance to various specialized sports clubs. For example, the given funds are used to purchase modern equipment, holding of gym halls, fitting out the facilities and so on. In addition, the community deals with the competitions, organizational processes and prize-giving ceremonies.Microgaming Corporation Runs PlayItForward Community

Generally, the foundation cooperates with the representatives of such activities like jogging, swimming, cycling, basketball, football, etc. From 2012 to 2014 it was even sponsoring motor racing. The local rally team was very pleased to get aid from the casino developer. The chairman of the Motorsports thanked not only for the monetary support but also for the popularization, which made this activity closer to the public.

The Isle of Man Marathon, a very popular running event in the UK, is sponsored from 2013.

For example, 448 competitors joined the contest in 2016. They covered a distance over 26 miles total.

Phil Martin was the winner of the men’s marathon; his result was 2.36 hours. The fair sex also showed great results; Samantha Amend overcame the course in 2.55 hours.

The other one is Winter Cross Country League, which is open to both young people and adults at distances greater than 10,000 meters.

Educational Programs

PlayItForward cooperates with leading UK universities, providing their scholars who do not have the finances to continue the studying, with significant help.

Microgaming Bursary is an initiative introduced in 2014. Currently, seven students receive support. The sum is enough to spend it on daily necessities and accommodation.Microgaming Corporation Social Areas Driven by PlayItForward

Charity and Donations

Microgaming raises funds for charity every year. The campaign called Gift of Giving now has a contribution of £120,000 to 13 philanthropies worldwide. Money goes to the aid for people suffering from wars, natural disasters, and domestic violence.

For instance, an organization such as the Women’s Refuge provides psychological and financial support to those women and children who suffer from insults and offenses. The foundation also offers a shelter for the victims for some period, while, for example, a trial is being conducted.

PlayItForward does not forget about environmental protection, sponsoring the “Save the Rhino” initiative. Its volunteers take care of endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia, protecting them from poachers. Moreover, they try to save the habitats of this species by contacting with the governments and other philanthropies.

Health Care

The Microgaming Health & Care Trust was set up in 2002. It manages various projects and provides financial assistance to more than 50 charitable institutions on the Isle of Man.

Barry Smith holds a position of a treasurer in the community. There are five trustees: Dr. Roy Clague, John Webster, Dr. John Wardle, Dr. Guy Sissons, and Paul Novellie. These people have great practical experience in medicine, law, and computer science.

Nowadays, about £800,000 have been received for the purchase of medical equipment.

The most significant initiatives are:

  • The aim of the AED program is to supply emergency with external defibrillators in different locations across the island. Now there are over 20 AEDs. The list of locations you can find on the PlayItForward website.
  • Funds of the Helping Manx Breast Cancer Support Group go to the Breast Coils which is essential equipment for MRI scans. By 2015 the provider donated about £16,000 for such facilities.
  • The Isle of Man Sport Aid organization received £5,000 for new ultrasound machines to provide medical support for athletes.
  • The Powerchair Football Club started to help with the creation of a sports club for disabled adults and children.PlayItForward Community from Microgaming Focuses on Social Welfare

Other Industry Activities

The community is engaged in celebrations as well. Here are some of them:

  • The Southern Agricultural Show is something like a fair with the exhibition of pets and vintage agrimotors. It has been supported since 2014.
  • The Mobile Family Library shares books, interactive materials to those people who cannot visit the library for some reasons.
  • In 2016 PlayItForward team visited StreetGames Dinner, for which they contributed £70,000. The competition was between tennis and rugby champions.

Ambassadors of Microgaming PlayItForward

PlayItForward Ambassadors are outstanding personalities. Initially, all of them have significant awards in sports. Their mission is to represent the company in charity occasions, attend staff meetings at MGS House. This program was launched in 2012. Now it supports three prominent athletes:

  • Joseph Ricciardi is a young professional in triathlon. He achieved a record in this discipline in 2012;
  • Keith Gerrard is a master in the distance running. He was gold medaled twice in 2011 and later also became a champion in national and European championships;
  • Laura Kinley being an incredible swimmer won 22 medals in the Isle of Man Championship. She achieved 15 records as well.