The running competition is extremely famous in the place where it takes. Moreover, even outside this island, it is popular and invites people from many countries and continents. In its sphere, it is ranked in the top 10 of such events within the UK and it’s the main contest in Microgaming list.

The main purpose of the action is to gather money for the renewal of the stadium Ballacloan. However, it also targets other aims and donations, promotes the sport, gives symbolic medals, goodies, and t-shirts to all participants!

Corporation’s Sponsorship And Conducting

Since 2013 Microgaming offers its help in order to provide the best treatment to the competitors. The contest is annual and occurs in the beginning/middle of August. It starts at the Mooragh Promenade and it goes next Ballacloan Stadium, Ramsey and North Shore Road. The main part is flat without extreme hills.

The Participants

Microgaming Marathons SponsorshipThere are no real criteria concerning contestants. However, they should be in a good shape and healthy, have a capability to complete the marathon. The race proportionally has 2 parts. Each person can decide, which one he wants to take: full (26.2 miles) or simply a half (13.1 miles).

The only requirement is to pay the entrance fee, which depends on the status of the individual. The year 2015 hosted 415 participants. The following year 2016 made a new record of 448! Moreover, 101 of them made the maximum length and 347 managed to do the half.

4 Leg Relay Race

The attractiveness of the tournament increased due to this feature. The whole number of miles is divided among 4 participants. So, each has to make around 6.5, which is acceptable for the average person. Only two first teams will get additional prizes. Ask your friends, colleague from a particular job, family members and get a memorable teamwork.

The Winners Awarded by Microgaming

The best result is important each year. Furthermore, it is always different for boys and for girls as their capabilities are naturally different. However, the participation is equally represented. The prizes are really simple as the main target is a stadium.Microgaming Corporation Sponsors Annual Marathons

In 2015

Marcin Soszka, who represented the Saltaire Striders club, got the greatest time of the course – 2h48m18sec. There is a huge difference regarding the outcome for the women. The best is 3h37m05sec by Hephzibah Toby from the team Uckfield Runners. The half event got 1h11m20sec and 1h25m38sec respectively.

In 2016

Next year made new records. The winner of the men’s race was Phil Martin with 2h36m42sec. More importantly, Samantha Amend settled incredible 2h54m50sec. Outstanding time! Regarding 13.1 miles, it is quite the same: 1h16m44sec for Tim Kennedy and 1h29m15sec for Hayley Ashby. Moreover, the competition in the premier part of the marathon was really high in 2016, what shows the great interest about this event.

How to Enter the Annual Marathon on the Isle of Man

Annual Marathons Supported by Microgaming CorporationAs it was above mentioned, there is a small participation fee for everyone. However, the price defers regarding the affiliation status. It was £23.40 with and £29.25 without it – in 2015. They made the amount £25/30 in the following year. Additionally, relay costs £100.

It is a nice amount as it covers 4 contestants. Furthermore, there is no difference concerning sex, nationality or any other criteria. Everyone can pay it through electronic means on the official website without any hidden charges.