Microgaming Corporation with Volunteering Impacts Volunteers are the force that does good and facilitates the work of the community. These nice, bright, and altruistic people really have the endless supply of energy and enthusiasm. They actively participate in numerous PlayItForward events. To tell the truth, charities could not win recognition without their responsible, and sometimes tedious work.

They co-operate with an administration and organizing the feasts, sports contests, and philanthropy races sponsored by Microgaming.

Who Are Cultural Ambassadors?

The representatives of Culture Ambassadors say that PlayItForward is a great platform on Microgaming websites not only for volunteers but also for the employees to get involved in cultural performances, developing, and improving the company. They define the work of the community in the future.

The team travels a lot with their missions, communicates with professionals from all over the globe; they gain new experience and impressions. This all is an amazing source of generating fresh views, creating innovative projects.

Projects for Care of Health and Animals

The organization cooperates with ecological projects, helping people and nature, and popularizing a healthy lifestyle. For instance, 25 volunteers work at Microgaming Health and Care Trust, arranging charitable events aimed at the development of medicine on the island. Recently, they have taken part in Mental Health Awareness Week, supporting its promoters.

Besides, PlayItForward does not forget about philanthropy for animals, fitting out shelters.

Century of Song

Volunteering Support of the Microgaming Corporation The first volunteers’ mission was to ensure the maintenance of the Mayoral Charity Appeal during the Century of Song. It was an entertaining event where people could enjoy dances, songs, and the music of the last 120 years at a ticket price of only £19.50. Microgaming members visited this memorable evening.

All funds were directed to three philanthropies chosen by the Mayor and Mayoress. This year, Anthony Nolan was selected as one of the Isle of Man charitable institution. Its focus is on assisting patients with blood cancer. The software provider, in turn, donated £3,000.

Volunteers Aid to ManxSPCA

The ManxSPCA community concerns itself with the protection of pets. It struggles against the cruel treatment of animals. The charity has several cattery pens for homeless dogs, cats, parrots and other birds, and even reptiles. The foundation is seeking for folks to adopt them. The owners believe that these beings, as well as humans, need love and tenderness, therefore people should treat them like their family members.

The organization worked on the memorial gardens for four-legged friends to help their owners to overcome the loss of their favorites. The cat’s garden has been already set up.

PlayItForward volunteers created and designed the Forget-Me-Not Garden for the institution. They spent totally 20 days, working on that. They installed a new meshed wall, several archways, and pathways.

“It is much harder than just to put money for philanthropy” – said Roger Raatgever, the CEO of Microgaming.

Lunch Club in Microgaming Corporation

Volunteers Projects in the Microgaming CorporationThe Culture Ambassadors community is open to anyone who is a faithful, enthusiastic, and energetic person with ambitions to change life for the better. The Lunch Club is an event for the members of the initiative. During such a meeting, volunteers spend time together, chatting about just everything with friends, or striking up a friendship with someone. All in all, the team is a close-knit family and always ready to give a warm welcome to new partners.