Composite Technology Corporation (CTC)

Develops, produces, and markets innovative energy efficient products and renewable energy projects for the electrical utility industry.

CTC’s products incorporate advanced composite materials and innovative design solutions that provide solutions to efficiently modernize electrical grid systems.

Composite Technology Corporation

Principal Subsidiary

CTC Cable Corporation

CTC Cable’s primary product is the patented ACCC® conductor for transmission and distribution power lines. The ACCC® product line is designed around advanced composite materials which enable the highly efficient transmission of electricity. Our ACCC® conductors offer the best combination of energy efficiency, electrical capacity throughput, and return on investment when compared with other similar diameter and weight conductors that are available for use in overhead transmission lines.


The company products benefit from proprietary and patented technologies that result in products that provide superior solutions for congested grid systems

  • to increase electrical capacity
  • to reduce line losses
  • to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • to increase reliability
  • to achieve greater economic benefits.