Some engineers have more questions of how to get more energy from the sun at night time and in the regions with low light. Well, the architect from Germany – Andre Broessel – found the answer. He owns the manufacture Rawlemon. There he has designed the Beta.Ray – a prototype of a spherical electricity generator. There the geometry basis is combined with a tracking system of a double axis.

Spherical Solar Power GeneratorThis will allow raising the output of the energy in a smaller size in 50% than a usual solar panel. The futuristic structure can be rotated fully. Moreover, you can put it on your wall, or any inclined areas of the building (any open air places). Even electric cars can use them for charging.

“The beta.ray accompanies a hybrid collector. Its purpose is changing daily electricity and thermal energy in the meantime. While decreasing in the range of silicon cells to 25 percent with a proportional power output due to the use of our centrifugal concentrator with a centering lens with ultra-high transmission, it operates at an efficiency level of almost 57% in the hybrid mode. In the evening the Ball Lens can change into a powerful light to enlighten the area, basically by utilizing several LEDs. The construction is intended for modulator conditions and also supplementing structures’ utilization of power and heat network, such as hot water.”

The grid system generates and saves electricity during the day time and during nighttime, gathering energy from the moonlight