The giant Tesla has launched two new and significant products just in one hebdomad: the electric car of Model 3 and sun power roof.
Tesla has finished the establishment of the first sun based power roof. This was announced on Wednesday in a profit report of the 2nd qr. During the last hebdomad, some lucky customer got keys of Model 3 cars, as well as the solar roof was owned by company employees. That decision was made in order to see what kinks can be before selling and installing them to a wide range of customers.
Musk said that he had already put that panels on his roof and J.B. Straubel, the Chief Technology Officer of Tesla, also had them. That was the first version of solar-roof houses. The corporation intends to make really overwhelming products.
Solar Roof from Tesla

The online store was opened in May, that time Tesla start receive the deposits of 1 thousand dollars for glass and black textured tiles that impossible to distinguish from high-quality tiles. Like usual roofing materials, the tile still allows the light to penetrate the sun cell, which is built under the case-hardened surface. According to the schedule, the establishment was planned in June, however, there are no official announcements of the actual installing from Tesla enterprize.

Tesla now is using the strategy of Apple store for their acquisition of sun power company SolarCity Corp. that was bought for $2,000,000,000. The strategy is in the reducing of such big prices and searching new clients what would be interested in their deluxe car shops and other malls with high traffic. The experiments showed that this tactic has more efficiency of 50-100% than if to sell the solar energy products in other (not Tesla) areas. This year Tesla stopped sales with so-called “door-to-door” strategy. Instead, they equipped above seventy stores with solar power products.
For add up to quarterly sunlight based establishments, Tesla bounced back a bit from a disappointing 1st quarter—it’s initially full qr. after it purchased SolarCity. It conveyed 176 MW, start 150 MW the earlier period, yet not exactly the 201 MW that the business introduced in the 2nd qr. of 2016. At any rate, some part of the lull might be because of the end of way door-to-door deals.

The organization claimed it hopes to see development again in the final qr.
California was the first place when the manufacturing of the tiles at Fremont enetrprize, however, but Tesla is going to shift the manufacture to the brand-new Buffalo plant in NY this year.

Also, they plan to involve another investor – Panasonic. Earlier, Musk declared that first will be restricted by production output. When productivity increases in 2018, they will expand purchases in the United Kingdom, Aus, and other countries with introducing .

Tesla intends to make solar consuming better and reasonable to the wide public, so they try to destruct people’s need in solar panels using with solar roofs. Tesla will support the full process of changing old roofs for new ones with maintaining that will take a week as was estimated by the company.